Useful Tips on How to Make Great Customer Service


Customer service can single handedly determine if a business will become a success or flop. The one on one interactions between the customers and a company's employee is critical as it ensures customer satisfaction and encourages future repeat business. Business models are constantly changing and some have adopted automated self-service systems but still retain the option to speak to a human being because they are able to handle the customer better. In recent research conducted by resumethatworks, it shows that a buyer's perspective of the company is shaped massively by their experience in dealing with the company's customer service representatives.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

The role of customer service can be challenging as they get to deal with different people all with different personalities. The situation they get put through can cause annoyance and irritation therefore they have to cultivate a sense of positivity when dealing with customers in order to remain professional. One of the customer service tips to help in dealing with such situations is to view the problem from the customers' perspective therefore the operator does not feel attacked or undervalued. Having a positive attitude can be infectious and it will build a reputation that's why it is crucial in social media management and one on one customer service interactions.

Correct Customers the Right Way

Everyone has their own opinion and sometimes the customer may be on the wrong side of reason. The customers are able to share their opinions on social media and websites however, wrong information can damage a company's brand and reputation. It is thus important that the operator takes this into consideration while managing social media and during one on one interactions. Referring to the following practices can be used when correcting a customer.

- Try to apologize for any inconvenience.
- Show empathy and an effort to understand their perspective.
- Clearly explain why the customer is wrong without trying to prove a point.

Know Your Product or Service

The customer service provider should be well informed about the company's products and services. The majority of customers will seek customer services in order to discuss the products and services offered by the company. Understanding this will ensure that the operator is able to help in social media managing to accurately present the benefits of different products. Doing this persuasively will increase the likelihood of the customer purchasing the products and services of the company. The operator is able to give assurances on the products and in the event of customer dissatisfaction, they are able to recommend another product that may suit the customer.

Be Responsive

Customer service ensures interaction between the customer and the company thus the company should take time and be responsive. The interaction may be positive and negative but in both of these cases, the company must always seek to respond in a professional manner. Criticism is unavoidable in business and being responsive in the face of criticism shows that the company cares and is ready to rectify their mistakes. Failure to respond shows arrogance and a don't care attitude which might drive away the customers in the long run.

Use Feedback You Receive

Customer service is the department that companies use to receive feedback on their products and services. The interaction with the consumer is critical as it gives the company an insight into the customer's needs and expectations making it easier for the company to meet them. Feedback may be positive, negative or suggestions from the consumers. Positive feedback shows the service top meaning the consumers are satisfied with the products and services. Dissatisfied consumers will give negative feedback thus the company should take this into consideration and improve.

Be Data-Informed, Not data-Delusional

A company aspiring to be successful should use data to base their corporate decisions. The best way of doing this, being data-informed instead of being data-delusional. As reported by, being data-informed will ensure that the data being used is compared against other affecting variables to come up with the best ideal solution. Data can change when influenced by another variable thus this approach means that the decision will predict such an outcome. Being data delusional, however, is wrong as the data is taken to be true and a decision is made solely relying on the data.


These tips are guaranteed to make a company successful if applied. The customer care department is one of the underrated sections of a company but it shouldn't be. The influence that the department has on the possible success of the company is huge and it is a shame that it can often be overlooked. A company that desires success should make sure that it strengthens this department and the result will be: customer satisfaction, increased sales, great public image, loyalty from the customers and positivity around the company. Satisfied customers are the foundation that any successful company is built upon thus every company should strive to offer that.

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