4 Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Try


Whether you run a small business or a multinational company, digital marketing is the most effective way to reach unlimited prospective customers. Your strategies define your success. Therefore, since knowledge is power, you should constantly stay informed with the latest digital marketing techniques that are proven to provide excellent results.

Every business is unique, and that is why entrepreneurs should always test and measure their marketing campaigns before investing even more time, attention, and budget.

If you're a seasoned digital marketer, small business owner, or online entrepreneur who's looking for some spicy digital marketing techniques, you've landed on the right post.

In today's article, I'm sharing four advanced digital marketing strategies that you should try immediately. Knowledge is useless unless you act on it!

Build a Network of Influencers

A brand that is constantly promoted by relevant industry individuals is very likely to reach its objectives sooner than expected. Influencers are people that "have something to say," to people that are "willing to listen to them."

The first step to building a network of influencers is to identify your happy customers and the individuals who have written about your brand in the past. In case your brand has acquired several brand advocates, put them on your list because they're valuable as well. Get in touch with this list and propose a partnership.

Offer them free products, amazing discounts, vacations, or whatever you may believe its suited. In exchange, they should help you promote your latest offers whenever the time comes, and should also frequently share your content online and offline.

The second step to building a network of influencers is to seek them actively. Platforms like Buzzsumo can show you the most relevant influencers in your industry, and will often provide the contact details. Alternatively, you can identify them manually by seeking them in social media groups, niche forums, Q&A platforms (Quora & Yahoo Answer), but also on popular blogs.

Get in touch with them and tell them about your network, offers, but also about the benefits that they'll gain by being part of your team.

If you manage to gather a solid list of influencers, you'll be able to create a significant buzz in the industry whenever you have something new to present.

Create Personalized E-mail Marketing Sales Funnels

A personalized sales funnel allows you to make your prospective customers feel that you're aware of their needs, problems, habits, and desires. Most brands deliver their messages to a general target audience, without personalizing the user's experience.
What you can do is create more sales funnels that will be addressed to multiple different buyer personas. Let me offer you an example:

You can create three freebies (free eBooks) and promote them on various social media channels through ads. One of the freebies is about "How to lose belly fat" , the next is about "How to build tonus," and the last is about "How to lose weight and gain muscle at the same time."

Each of these offers should lead your prospects to different landing pages that sign them up to different email lists. By doing so, you can personalize your communication and improve your conversion rates significantly.

Develop and Promote Roundup Posts

A roundup post is a blog article that features more industry experts, influencers, niche authorities whose words "count." For example, if you're in the health industry, you can contact 20 to 50 doctors and ask them about the "Top 3 tips to live healthily". Let them know that their names and answers will be featured on your blog and see if they want anything else (other than name mentioning) in return.

Once you gather every answer, you have a roundup post called "The Top 3 Health Tips According to 50 Health Experts". How does that sound?

Besides the fact that your blog post will be long and comprehensive (leads to Google rankings), it will also bring a lot of value to your readers (leads to social engagement).
If you need some help with roundup posts, Assignment Writing and Custom Papers are two good places that can help you with the process.

Promote Your Brand Through Native Ads

Native advertising is one of the most effective ways to promote your offers non-intrusively. A native ad can be a hyperlink in the text, a hidden link in an image, in-feed ads, search and promoted listings, and also full-articles that provide recommendations.

Simply put, native ads are advertisements that match the function, look, and feel of the website/platform in which they appear. Even simpler, they're disguised ads that most viewers don't perceive as promotional.

There are many native ads networks that you can analyze to see if they're relevant to your business needs. Once you find something that you believe it could work, start investing a low percentage of your budget and measure your results.

Next, optimize your campaigns by making small modifications to your text, images, and overall message. Native advertising involves a lot of testing, so you need to be ready for that. Keep optimizing until your campaigns generate satisfying ROIs.


To stand out from the crowd and leave your competitors behind, you must have the courage to begin working on out-of-the-box digital marketing techniques. What I have provided you with today are four excellent strategies that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

I'd highly suggest you choose one of these techniques and start implementing them slowly. Perform more research on the topic, figure out what resources you need to acquire to make them work, and make sure you test everything before going "all-in." If everything works perfectly, start implementing the next favorite technique and repeat the process!

This guest article was written by Serena Dorf, an Aussie writer and blogger at Assignment Geek and A-writer.com as well as a digital marketer at Australian Writings and Assignment Man. As well, she writes high-quality academic papers as a part of the Uk-dissertation.com team. In her free time, she's learning French and travels as much as time allows her.

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