Samsung Vacuum Cleans Up After Crazy Hipsters Who Act Like Hyperactive 12-Year-Olds


Yea, yea, yea, we get that this ad for the Samsung POWERbot vacuum cleaner, basically a Roomba made by Samsung is supposed to be ridiculously over the top. And it is. But, seriously?

This is like a Verizon ad with a dad who doesn't know how to use the internet or a beer ad in which a guy uses a soundproof booth to call his wife and lie about the fact he's at a bar with friends or another beer ad in which a bunch of hipster hijack a beer truck. Yea, you've seen those ads.

Yes, ads with idiots. And that's exactly what this Venables Bell & Partners ad is all about.

You see, we have a bunch of grown adults...and a monkey (or some two-legged creature that isn't human) playing the piano...partying like a bunch of hyperactive 12 year olds at some neighborhood birthday party.

And then it's the morning after. And then we see the Samsung POWERbot do its thing. Yea, we suppose this scenario is way more fun than a vacuum cleaning up after actual hyperactive 12 year olds at a birthday party but that would be too obvious, too practical, too real world. Nah, this is advertising. Where nothing is real and nothing is practical.

by Steve Hall    Feb-11-15   Click to Comment   
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