Justin Bieber Does Mark Wahlberg For Calvin Klein


Long, long ago in an alternative galaxy far, far away, Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg stripped down to his underwear in, perhaps, the hottest celebrity-fueled Calvin Klein ad since Brooke Shields cooed "No one comes between me and my Calvin's."

Twenty-three years later, another music sensation, Justin Bieber, has donned some Calvins and bared his body for all to see. Now we all know there's simply no comparison between Wahlberg and Bieber but Bieber did get to shoot his ad with the super-hot, and previous Calvin Klein model, Lara Stone.

The Bieber campaign includes print and a steamy video in which Stone gets the most face time while Bieber pounds on a drumset and utters the ad's one word of copy, "My Calvins."

Of course, this being 2015 and not 1992, "My Calvins" is #MyCalvins because, you know, everything has to have a stupid hashtag affixed to it so the the agency can say, "Look! Look! Everyone saw the ad! Everyone is 'engaging' with it!" When, in fact, it's just a bunch of 13 year old girls crushing on the latest hottie du-jour.



by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-15   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity