100 Hot Looking Japanese Maids Make An Old Guy A Pancake


There's just something about Japanese ads. The right amount of goofy. The right amount of innocent fun. The the right amount -- read: complete lack of -- political correctness. These elements combine to make truly light-hearted, fun advertising.

Now you're going to have to stow away your Facebook-style outrage to enjoy this one but try. Really try.

To illustrate the amazing non-stick qualities of Flavorstone cookware, 100 maids -- dressed, appropriately, in maid attire -- slide a pancake from one frying pan to another. As the pancake cooks, it's also making it's way to an old guy's breakfast table.

There's gymnastics, acrobatic pancake tossing, cutesy music and a sort of mass synchronicity akin to the Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. What's not to love?

by Steve Hall    Jan-12-15   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange