Schlage Imagines Life Without Keys. And It's Pretty Weird


So the whole world is on its way to becoming keyless. Not that we don't lock stuff up anymore, we just don't use keys to do so. Working With Indianapolis-based Young & Laramore, Schlage has envisioned what life's like now that keys are obsolete.

We hear from Corry. Yea, Corry with two R's. Corry goes on and on and on about the difficulties she's faced throughout life having to deal with the whole two R's thing. She rants about the inability to find a keepsake keychain from Panama City saying, "Even though I was there! I was there! It's like the whole world telling you 'Hey, you don't exist.'"

And Corry tells us all of this while she's cutting carrots for a minute and a half. And for those entire 90 seconds, we squirmed and cringed wondered to ourselves, "Will she? Won't she?" Alas, in the end, Corry does not slice her finger off but she does revel in the fact that key chains are now obsolete and she doesn't have to face the whole "name on a keychain" thing anymore.

Another video has a mayor prattle on and on and on about how awesome Lieutenant Parsons is and then, because keys are now obsolete, the mayor present Parson with...oh yea...the Carp to the City.

A third video has a doormat lament the fact that, well, doormats are just doormats now and it sure is a lonely job now that no one tickles him by lifting his side to grab the key that's hidden beneath him.

There are 8 videos in all which will be rolled out across the brand's social media channels with the hashtag #KeylessEra. And this teaser kicked it off:

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