Celebrates Women Who Love to Vacation Without Their Men


Hmm. Celebrating the notion that loving couples don't truly love absolutely everything about their partners,, with help from Wieden + Kennedy, is out with a wacky commercial that celebrates the enjoyment of taking a vacation alone.

The work is based on findings from the brand's own Solo Travel Report which revealed that 50% of female solo travel enthusiasts are now more likely to holiday alone than they were five years ago, with two thirds (65%) saying they actually feel more confident when taking a trip by themselves.

In the The 30-second 'Brianless' we hear the story of Jen, who loves her partner Brian, but doesn't necessarily love the same type of holiday he does.

'Brianless' will air across the UK and US, as well as on's YouTube channel, from today, Monday 28 April, 2014. It will air in Australia and Canada in May.

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-14   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials