LiquidM Aims to Remove Headaches From Mobile Media Buying


According to estimates from an August eMarketer report, mobile advertising is a $16.7B market but represents just 14% of the total $117.6B digital ad spend. Despite market opportunity and years of "this is the year of mobile," mobile media buyers have struggled to manage campaigns given the voluminous variety of players and their incompatibilities.

As smart phones and tablets consume more and more audience time, ad spend will (we are told) further shift into mobile. One new company, LiquidM, aims to make things easier for the mobile advertising space with its whitelabeled product offering.

The company today announced the public availability of its white-labeled Mobile Advertising Management Platform which will help mobile media buyers optimize their buying activities across premium and performance mobile advertising. LiquidM will offer a business model-agnostic solution to manage and optimize mobile advertising campaigns.

LiquidM is a cloud-based SaaS and replaces the more common build-your-own solutions of the ad tech infrastructure with a standardized, open platform that promises to be customizable to individual needs. Additionally, the company is also announcing a $5M series A funding from Blumberg Capital, Earlybird, and Asset Management to fuel the growth and marketing of the product.

Of the offering, LiquidM CEO Christof Wittig said, "As the mobile advertising industry is moving through the trough of disillusionment, more and more mobile advertising companies are looking to increase their competitiveness by turning to a full stack ad tech provider. While some in the market still believe that scale and more sales people will solve their problems, a new generation of companies is now looking into broad, integrated technology support to exploit the promise of this massive opportunity. Based on the success with customers like Madvertise and Mobilike, we have now raised funds to make our offer successively available to more and more customers."

And Bjoern Wendler, managing director of Madvertise, one of LiquidM's premier customers said, "Madvertise is using the LiquidM platform to deliver value to its customers and outgrow the competition to become No. 1 in the German market. By using a SaaS platform we can bring new products to market faster and hobble our competitors who find it difficult to adapt to the demand for real-time bidding, rich media, third party tracking or transparent reporting, while we get all those innovations delivered automatically."

by Steve Hall    Oct-10-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Mobile/Wireless, Tools