Cute Redhead Births Creamy Behemoth From Her Cavernous Bowels


When a refined young lady with a British accent sits on a toilet and lets you know she just "birthed a creamy behemoth from her cavernous bowels," you know you're in for a treat. And this Harmon Brothers-created video for Poo-Pourri, a spray you apply to the toilet bowl before you lay a brick, delivers on all fronts. The copywriting is superb. The timing and delivery excellent. And the selection of Bethany Woodruff as spokesperson brilliant.

The two minute video, which was uploaded to YouTube September, 10, has already been viewed over 1.5 million times. The brother have a hit on their hands. But they are no strangers to YouTube success. Their work for the tongue cleaning product, Orabrush, has been viewed 18.5 million times. Of course, that video has been up since September 10, 2009 but still.

Smartly, the video employs a clickable banner in the upper right hand corner of the video which takes the viewer to a landing page on which the product can be purchased. Yes, this seems obvious but it's amazing how many brands spend money to create content and don't employ a mechanism that allows a person to actually buy what's being pitched.

by Steve Hall    Sep-13-13   Click to Comment   
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