Singapore Asks Finland For Hand in Marriage, CROCS Ad A Fake


- This weird little Mentos video with an oddly catchy tune aims to garner support for a proposal that would solve Singapore's land crisis.

- These McFlurry-loving women need better lipstick.

- IPG Mediabrands has launched a new unit that further blurs the line between media and creative agencies. Called Mediabrands Publishing, it will create videos and other quick-turnaround content for marketers that will live in the physical and digital worlds. The digital content will be distributed on websites and social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine.

- That CROCS ad everyone was buzzing about? Oops. Not an official ad created by the brand.

- Hanes is asking women to overshare on social media by telling the world the color of their undies.

- James Franco gets punched in the face in promotion for upcoming Comedy Central roast.

- Check out this video from Mercedes UK in which racing driver David Coulthard goes up against UK magician Dynamo in a Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG.

- Motorola backpedals on ract ads it used to introduced the Moto X.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 2-13   Click to Comment   
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