Hellacious Children (Once Again) Prove Condoms Are A Good Thing


Here's yet another ad that uses children as a really good reason to make sure you use a condom when you have sex. This one for Durex was just dubbed Spec ad of the year by the Association of Independent Commercial Producers. It was directed by Paul Santana and it's certainly funny but it breaks no new ground. And it, like all others of its ilk, has a gigantic strategic flaw.

The only reason all the children in these ads appear to be the little monsters they are is because the parents let them become little monsters. Parents who give a shit and properly discipline their children would never end up like the four familial disasters we see in this Durex spec ad.

It's really that simple. You want kids like the kids in this ad? Then abdicate your parental responsibilities and let your children ruin your life. You want well behaved children? Then employ a little discipline from the start and you'll be surprised how well-behaved children can be.

And, yea, I'm not an idiot. I know this is an ad and in order to be a good ad, it has to be funny. And in order to be funny, it has to highlight to lowest of the low. The worst of the worst. The most idiotic of the idiotic. The weakest of the weak. And so on. So from that perspective, it's a great ad. And, yea, if you don't want kids, don't have them. But don't have them and end up like the goofballs in this commercial. Via.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 5-13   Click to Comment   
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