Does the New MySpace Ad Pass the 'Alien Test'?


Often times I like to use what I call the "alien test" when reviewing advertising. What's the "alien test" you ask? Well just imagine if an alien race decided to come check us out and, while orbiting the planet and listening ion on our activities, they found this thing called YouTube. And on this thing called YouTube they found this MySpace promotional video (released last month) in which the likes of Pharell, Ciara and Mac Miller cavort with a bunch of hipsters.

Just what would these aliens think while watching these people jump around like buffoons and break stuff while listening to noise that appears to have been designed to poke holes in the ear drum?

Yea. They'd quickly move on to the next planet. Whether or not humans decide to stop by a take a look at MySpace of move on to the next thing is unclear at this point. The music-focused social network recently boasted 31 million unique site visitors in the 14 days following its recent re-launch.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 9-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary