14 Examples of Royal Baby Real-Time Marketing (Better Late Than Never)


Everyone's doing it, right? In two ways, actually. Everyone's getting on the real-time marketing bandwagon which kicked up steam with this year's Super Bowl and then again during the Academy Awards. Now we have the Royal Birth and, of course, marketers were all over that as well. Oh and the other way? Everyone's writing about it too. So pardon us if we join the party.

Branded baby ads flooded social media outlets Monday afternoon when the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis was officially announced. From Play-Doh to Starbucks to Delta Airlines, #royalbaby reigned the world of online branding.

Companies who prepared for the royal baby's birth in advance by creating graphics and congratulatory Twitter posts reaped the rewards, in some cases, of doing so. Oreo's royal baby Twitter ad (shown below) has been retweeted over 940 times in less than two days, receiving over 360 favorites along the way.

Oreo, and the 13 other companies below, show us once again that timeliness is a huge part of online branding. Check out how these companies celebrated the royal birth and got some great brand coverage at the same time.



Oreo uploaded this image to Twitter, saying, Prepare the royal bottle service! And what goes well with a bottle of milk? Oreo cookies of course.



Coke's royal baby ad focused more on the parenting aspect of the event. The company also includes its own hashtag in the image, directing viewers to link to them on Twitter.



U.S. coffee company Starbucks released this image and congratulatory message on their U.K. Twitter account. Since its original posting its retweets have jumped to over 1,400 and it has been favorited more than 780 times.

Dunkin' Donuts


Dunkin Donuts also gained some brand coverage in celebrating the arrival of the royal baby. Accompanied by this image on Twitter, D.D. announced that royal munchkins would soon be available for purchase in their U.S. stores.

Krispy Kreme


Krispy Kreme's branded royal baby ad ran several weeks prior to Prince George's birth. The company focused on the anticipated gender of the baby, rather than on the event of the birth itself.

By comparing the royal baby ads of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, we see that different approaches to timeliness can allow similar companies to create different takes on a single event.



Nintendo uploaded this image to their Nintendo of America Twitter page, tweeting, Peach is flattered that so many of you are talking about the Royal Baby today! Using a simple graphic and some humor, Nintendo shows us that you don't always have to be flashy to get over 1,000 retweets.



Play-Doh tweeted this picture of a hand-crafted miniature royal family. Clearly visible in this branding attempt are the hours of planning and hard work that can go into any event-specific branding campaign.



Even Charmin, the bath tissue company, created a branded ad in celebration of the royal baby. Playing on the use of the word throne as a euphemism for toilet, Charmin created an opportunity to pair its product with royalty.



Delta tweeted this picture the day Prince George was born, saying, Welcome Prince of Cambridge! We can't wait to show you the world. The company includes their brand in a surprisingly natural way by positioning Delta airliners on the baby's mobile.



Domino's Pizza tweeted the above image when the royal baby's birth was announced. Not every company can make their brand symbol work on an adorable onesie, but if you can, it may be a good strategy.



Magnum Ice Cream congratulated the royal couple with this image on Twitter, naming the new prince a #miniroyal bundle of joy.



Warburtons, one of the largest bakery companies in the U.K., created the above ad for Prince George. The company posted the image on their Twitter page with the call to action, Share the celebrations with us.



Hostess Snacks uploaded this image of an oversized Twinkie to Twitter the day Prince George was born. The tweet that accompanied it said, This summer, a precious little bundle of sweetness was born. And Will and Kate also had their baby.

Johnson & Johnson


Johnson & Johnson created two royal baby ads (both above). Both ads focus on the brand's bath and skincare products made specifically for infants. The company also appeals to wide range of people with the phrase, A parent's love is the same the world over.

So, what do all of these branded royal baby ads tell us? Several things: Timeliness is everything, and there is always a way to relate your brand to a big event. Also, humor is good, but so is a little sincerity. Keep these tips in mind as you continue branding your company.

This guest post was written by Shane Jones, a content expert who's specialty is with online advertising campaigns. His real passions however, lie in print media. Follow his opinions on Google+ and keep up-to-date on his latest ad projects, The Happiness Theory.

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