Launchpad NYC 'Ad Darlings' Get Creative With Their Closets


Well this isn't news. Everyday at the Adrants offices, the interns sport the highest of fashion in the form of short skirts (pleated plaid minis always win), Daisy Dukes, midriff-baring crop tops, cleavage-enhancing (not that these top-heavy ladies need it) halter tops and gam-glamorizing high heels of epic proportion.

Seems like Launchpad NYC wants to get in on the action and challenge our interns by launching a blog, Office Outfit Challenge, that highlights the high styles of "5 advertising darlings" in some kind of daily effort to "pull off a fashion magazine miracle.

We will say the ladies are cute but are showing no where near as much skin, leg or cleavage as our interns here today. And as we all know, more skin is better. In fact, every Thursday at Adrants is Thong Thursday. Maybe these Launchpad ladies would like to see how they, ahem stack up, to our bodacious interns in a booty-baring dance off?

Seriously? Really? Can we get back to the serious of the advertising business now? Oh wait, advertising isn't serious. It's just an overly pompous, self-centered, style-conscious, award-hoarding business that is far more concerned with form over function. In other words, great job, ladies.

by Steve Hall    Jun-24-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Racy