Newspaper Apologizes For Placing Gun Ad Next to Newtown Shooting Story


South Carolina's Rock Hill Herald placed an ad for gun shop Nichols Store adjacent to a news story about Friday's Newton school shooting. While the paper issued a profuse and, no doubt, sincere, apology along with the explanation the newspaper's layout was determined before the shooting, it's hard to believe no one caught this prior to printing. In any event, the newspaper's apology is below.

Dear reader,

In Saturday's Herald, an advertisement for guns was placed on a page near stories and a photograph about the tragic school shooting in Connecticut. Please be assured that this was neither intentional nor the fault of the advertiser.

Advertisements are usually placed days before the newspaper lands on your doorstep. In this case, the advertisement in question was placed Thursday morning.

But we at The Herald should have recognized the unfortunate juxtaposition of the advertisement with stories and a photograph about gun violence.

Multiple editors worked on the page and should have noticed the problem. We all made a terrible mistake, and for that I apologize.

Please know that we will continue to strive to bring you a newspaper that is reflective of our community, insightful and sensitive to its readers.

Paul Osmundson

by Steve Hall    Dec-16-12   Click to Comment   
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