Ben & Jerry's Celebrates Ice Cream Euphoria With Instagram Stunt


Ben & Jerry's, with help from Silver + Partners (formerly Amalgamated), has launched Capture Euphoria, a program whereby Instagram photos that best represent ice cream-based euphoria with hashtag #captureeuphoria are selected to be featured in ads that will appear in the photo taker's home town. Ads will take the form of print ads in a local paper or magazine, a bus shelter or a billboard.

All photos tagged with #captureeuphoria (even those not selected for the ads) will appear in a gallery at A total of 20 photos will be chosen for feature in local ads.

To tout the launch, the agency pre-selected a fan photo, created an ad and shot a video of the winner checking out her ad in a local magazine.

We fondly remember when Instagram was a brand-free experience. Like every other social media experience, that time was short lived.

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Social