Grey Poupon to Accept Only 'Classy' Fans on Facebook


Grey Poupon, that upper crust mustard which rose to prominence in the 80's with the famed "Pardon Me" campaign is, after a 15 year advertising hiatus, back with a Facebook campaign that takes a decidedly different tact than most other brands. Rather than accumulating as many Likes as possible, the brand will only accept "classy" fans who ask to join the brand's The Society of Good Taste page.

The campaign, developed by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, will employ an algorithm that will search and judge users' profiles based on their proper use of grammar, art taste, restaurant-check ins, books read, movie selections and other indicators of "classy." If the algorithm detects poor taste in music or TXT speak, for example, they could be rejected for membership. Those who do not qualify, will have their Like rescinded and asked to refine their profile before trying again.

Those who "cut the mustard" so to speak will be invited to take part in the chance to win prizes and a Grey Poupon-approved "classy" badge they can post on their profile.

Of the unique approach, CP+B Executive Creative Director Tom Markham said, "We're taking a mass platform in Facebook that most people use every day and turning it on its head with an element of exclusivity to differentiate the Grey Poupon brand. It's a great way to find new consumers who exhibit values similar to the brand and who would appreciate our quality and good taste. And we'll also do our part to spread that good taste to those that aren't quite there yet."

Staying unique and classy and going whole hog with social media, Grey Poupon will become one the first brands to build its website entirely on Pinterest. The brand will use this page to "spread good taste" to the masses with Pinterest boards that range from refined recipes to tasteful tips on enjoying the finer aspects of life.


by Steve Hall    Sep-12-12   Click to Comment   
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