Future of Publishing Show to Debut Live on Adrants


VigLink CEO Oliver Roup and blogger/online marketing consultant Murray Newlands are kicking off a new online TV show, Future of Publishing, today at 12 noon PST. The hour-long show will include a series of interviews of today's sharpest publishing and marketing minds. This week, Newlands and Roup interview the following experts:

  • Pirouz Nilforoush, President & Co-Founder NetShelter,
  • Yulia Smirnova, SEO Manager of HubPages
  • Paul Edmondson, CEO of HubPages
The show will air live from San Francisco right here at 12 noon PST (3PM EST).

This week Playkast is having a contest on the Future of Publishing page. After the show, viewers will be able to answer a series of questions, the answers to which can be gleaned from watching the show. Viewers who score well will be entered into a random drawing to win an Amazon Kindle.

Watch live video from futureofpublishing on www.justin.tv

Future of Publishing is sponsored by VigLink. Find out more at FutureOfPublishing.tv.

by Steve Hall    Jan-31-12   Click to Comment   
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