Newsflash! Scientists Say Milk Really Does Cure PMS!


So that that new Goodby, Silverstein & Partners-created Got Milk campaign, Everything I Do is Wrong, that comes to the aid of men faced with stereotypical hormonal nightmare otherwise known as a woman with PMS and which has been labeled sexist? The campaign's claims might actually be true.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine Clinical Instructor of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science Dr. Laura Coria told the New York Daily News milk does, in fact, help mitigate the effects of PMS. Corio said, "It has been shown to help. Calcium, magnesium and vitamins like Omega 6 and Vitamin B are always good for PMS. It can definitely help."

A 2005 Archives of Internal Medicine corroborates that statement finding women who consumed a diet rich in calcium and vitamin D reported lessened effects of PMS.

So is the campaign sexist or simply true? Does it stereotype woman as temporarily crazed lunatics or is it, like most stereotypes, based on a bit of fact?

by Steve Hall    Jul-14-11   Click to Comment   
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