Creatives Rejoice! Every Award Show on One Calendar!


In a nod to the beginning of the new awards year, RKCR/Y&R has launched new site that will insure agencies and creatives never miss an awards deadline.

The free service, called T-Minus, has been developed to help creatives around the world keep track of up upcoming awards deadlines, allowing agencies to plan getting their projects out of the door on time.

A visit to the T-Minus website enables users to choose from the 130 awards currently registered globally, then download their own personal calendar as a dynamic infographic screensaver, which tracks not just the awards entry date, but the date on which work has to run in order to qualify for entry.

The interface is a bit obscure and the use of a screensaver is an odd choice when a simple calendar would have sufficed.

T-Minus was created by Steve Moss and Jo Finch at RKCR/Y&R in collaboration with digital shop B-Reel.

by Steve Hall    Jul-28-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events, Tools