Hipsters Displace Boomers at Denny's


While Denny's is still doing quite well with the 50+ demo, following the debut of the brand's web series, Always Open, the restaurant chain has seen a marked increase awareness among 18 - 34 year olds according to YouGov's BrandIndex, a consumer brand perception index.

Since the show's premiere at the beginning of the month - which has featured Sarah Silverman and Jason Bateman so far - Denny's has seen its Impression score rise from 6.2 to 25.4 - a number that has surpassed the score for the 50+ demo.

YouGov's BrandIndex measurement scores range from 100 to -100 and are compiled by subtracting negative feedback from positive. A zero score means equal positive and negative feedback. Denny's was measured using the research company's Impression score, which asks respondents: "Do you have a general positive feeling about the brand?"

In addition to the rise in positive feelings among 18-34 years olds, the 35 - 49 demo has also seen an upswing with an Impression score shifting from a .09 on March 14th to a current 15.6.

Denny's launched "Always Open" on March 9th in partnership with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman's digital content and production studio, DumbDumb and Ben Silverman's multimedia studio, Electus. The series is hosted by actor David Koechner of Anchorman, SNL and The Office fame. The three-minute interview segments take place in a live, working Denny's restaurant. Always Open is distributed across CollegeHumor.com, Denny's.com, DumbDumb.com, YouTube and Facebook.

In terms of methodology, YouGov BrandIndex interviews 5,000 people each weekday from a representative US population sample, more than 1.2 million interviews per year. Respondents are drawn from an online panel of more than 1.5MM individuals. Margin of error is +/- 2%.

by Steve Hall    Mar-31-11   Click to Comment