84,000 Hard Ons Raise Money For AIDS


Taking the fight against AIDS literally, German agency Philipp und Keuntje created an online game for AIDS organization Vergiss Aids nicht e.V (Don't Forget AIDS). The game made it possible for players to combat the virus...with their cocks. Literally. Called Cockout, players where asked to don a condom and wave their member around. Penile movement was tracked by webcam which was translated into hits to opponents.

To insure men's members where in the proper state to do battle, the game provided dancing strippers to help players "man up." Once in a state of readiness, players could choose from one of three character; Master of Cock Fu, The Incredible Major Dick and Sir Dick-A-Lot.


Game scores could be shared on Facebook and clips, yes, clips of players waving their swords around were uploaded.

To recruit players, the agency went to an online location where member are freely and routinely displayed: Chat Roulette.

Apparently the campaign worked. The agency reports the campaign received seven figures worth of free publicity and garnered a 13 percent increase in donations to the cause.

84,000 players whipped it out during the first 24 hours of the game

by Steve Hall    Feb- 1-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy, Strange