Women Imprisoned for Wearing Dangerously Sexy Lingerie


Here's a really, really...REALLY bad lingerie ad but since out charter requires us to cover any and all use of sex to sell, we are obligated to share this drivel with you. You can just hear the thought process of the concepting session for this ad: "Dude, let's riff off the women in prison thing. It will be so hot!"

So. Using the terribly tired Hotties in Chains prison motif, Melbourne-based lingerie retailer Smitten Kitten takes us through the prison processing of three women, known in real life as models Jasie Ubels, Nicola Collie and Brooke Sheehan.

Complete with dumbfounded, donut-eating prison guards, a lingerie line up, overuse of strobe lights, we are asked to endure these three hotties as they make their way into their prison cell where, presumably, they will live out their sentence clad only in their lingerie. Their very sexy lingerie the retailer would, of course, have us believe.

Cue Caged Heat.

"Dangerously Sexy" - Lingerie Commercial from Nicholas Carlton on Vimeo.

by Steve Hall    Nov-15-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Racy, Worst