For Alex Bogusky, Money is Never an Issue


In every career, there are always a few times we'd all like to just get up and leave. Trouble is, we have to eat and we need a place to live hence the perpetual need for money. So no matter how much we might hate our jobs, leaving isn't always an option.

Unless, of course, you are someone like Alex Bogusky who, as we all know, has left MDC to "pursue a number of issues apart from advertising." With an annual salary of $2 million, the man certainly has a cushion. But, as BNET's Jim Edwards uncovered, the $38,974,000 MDC paid as earnout to agency founders, Bogusky is set for life.

We're not complaining. We're not jealous. The man is a major figure in the advertising industry and has contributed much to the business. Of course, parting with $38,974,000 "in these economic times" never sits well with the industry's hoi polloi.

by Steve Hall    Jul- 6-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies