Russian Stewardesses Wash Airplane While Wearing Bikinis


Thank God there are still countries out there that have no problem with their stewardesses (yes, not flight attendants) stripping down to their bikinis (because all stewardesses wear bikinis under their uniforms in these countries) to wash their airplanes. And, they don't even mind when the stewardesses' bikini-clad bodies become all soaped up like a good bikini car wash girl.

They're also fine with men leering at the women while a camera slowly and lovingly caresses their tantalizing curvaceousness as they prance about the plane insuring its cleanliness. All while music from the era when this was OK the world over plays in the background.

Thank you Avianova Airlines for not allowing the rest of the world to poison your thinking with their so-called advanced mindset (read politically-correct, unfun and afraid to raise the ire of a cause group).

Now can you please fly to America and rid that country of its priggishly puritanical ways? Because we want our stewardesses to wash our planes in their bikinis too.

by Steve Hall    Jun-18-10   Click to Comment   
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