Mullen Pings, BP Remixes, Flash Mob Fails Again


- Last night Mullen faced Digitas in the first-ever Mullen versus Digitas Ping Pong Tournament. (Nice girl through the guy's legs treatment)

- College Humor helps BP get its Domino's on.

- No. Your Dad does not want a tie for Father's Day this year. Wait, does anyone wear ties anymore?

- Six Flags and Walmart have partnered to offer customers discounts to Six Flags when shopping at Walmart.

- To raise awareness and money for the Greater New Orleans Foundation Gulf Coast, San Francisco-based Pereira & O'Dell are...opening a satellite office off the coast of Naknek, Alaska.

- ThinkEquity LLC estimated that 47 million people played social games in the US in 2009 and projected that the number would increase to 79 million by 2012, a growth of 68% over a three-year period.

- Big old ears turn man into music aficionado.

- Your tennis game got you down? Pull up a couch. Have a seat. And get a Wilson BLX. a flash mob really a good thing if most of the people in attendance are part of the flash mob as opposed to innocent bystanders?

by Steve Hall    Jun-18-10   Click to Comment   
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