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Cheddar Explodes, Bing Bings, Wired Connects, Pirelli Prances


- In an effort to bring life to their "Cheddar Explosion" campaign, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese is sponsoring the demolition of Texas Stadium.

- Microsoft visited with 100 year old Dr. Richard J. Bing, made a story of the man's life and sent the result off to Sundance.

- Wired magazine is having a Super Bowl party. They'll have beer, food...and biometric devices attached to you to determine which ads you like.

- And here's the Pirelli calender again. NSFW.

- Not as bad as Agency.com fist bumping itself but this video highlighting Colle + McVoy's office signage approaches.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-10    
Topic: Events

Don't You Dare Make A Wheelchair Joke


This new commercial for Health & Disability Advocates is like a politically correct special needs joke. It's from Chicago-based ad agency Wirestone and it pokes fun at "challenged" people in the work place. And the final joke will really have the National Association For the Coffee Brewing Challenged up in arms.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-10    
Topic: Cause

Kayak Offers Flight on Oceanic Airlines


In what appears to be yet another Lost promotion, Oceanic Airlines appears in Kayak search results if you search for a one way flight from Sydney to LAZ on 9/22/10 and go to the last page of the results. very cool. Very weird.

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-10    
Topic: Viral

This is The Most Beautiful Commercial I Have Ever Seen


Oh my God. No, really. Oh my God! This is the most beautiful commercial I have ever see. While many "drive safely commercials" tug at your heart strings with death, dismemberment and the emotional aftermath of a car accident, this one from Sussex Safer Roads entitled Embrace Life tugs in an entirely different way.

Equally powerful as the death and dismemberment approach to safe driving, this particular commercial brings a tear to the eye in appreciation of life, love and the importance of family. And yea, the importance of wearing a seat-belt as well. Wow. I've watched it ten times in a row and it still gets me.

View on Adgabber
View Quicktime on Embrace This website
Visit the Facebook Group

by Steve Hall    Jan-29-10    
Topic: Best, Cause, Commercials

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American Apparel Seeks Bootylicious Butts


In an effort to boost its booty collection, American Apparel is on the hunt for the world's hottest ass. The fashion brand is holding a contest seeking The Best Bottom in the World. I you think you've got it, all you have to do is "Send in a photo of your backside wearing our panties, bodysuits or briefs for consideration between January 28, 2010, and February 21, 2010."

Two winners will be selected and may become the brand's next butt model

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10    
Topic: Promotions, Racy

Kia Sorento Super Bowl Ad A Toy-Filled Road Trip


So here's what Kia's first-ever Super Bowl commercial is all about. Created by David&Goliath, it will air during the third quarter of the game and highlight the 2011 Sorento CUV.

The commercial, entitled "Joyride" features a cast characters, including a life-size Sock Monkey, Muno (from kids show Yo Gabba Gabba!), Robot, Teddy and MR. X (from the Blabla dolls collection). The commercial follows the gang on a road trip which takes them from exploding pins in a bowling alley and flipping jumping jet skis to a tattoo parlor and a mountain side hot tub. And then they visit Vegas where they gamble, break a few hearts and pull out some old dance moves. The commercial will be accompanied by Heavy's How You Like Me Now.

The road trip is suddenly interrupted when the characters turn out to be toys sitting in the back seat of a Sorento.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10    
Topic: Super Bowl 2010

Anti-Abortion Ads Are OK. Why Not Gay Dating Ads?


So now that CBS has OK'd the Tim Tebow anti-abortion ad, gay dating site ManCrunch wants in on the action. It's submitted a commercial to CBS for approval even though CBS, though they told Pop Tarts otherwise, claims to be sold out. Yes, it's the usual publicity stunt GoDaddy knows well and subjects us to every year.

In the ManCrunch ad, two men watch football then reach for a bowl of chips at that same time. Their hands brush against one another and, well, they go at it much to the surprise of another man next to them. Yes, that's pretty racy for the supposedly good 'ol family fun-focused Super Bowl but is it any more racy than other gay-themed programming on CBS?

Seems the two ads would balance each other out nicely. One touts a stereotypical conservative stance and the other a stereotypically liberal one. Come on, CBS! Let the battle of the viewpoints begin!

The ad is funny but only in a "I'm a straight guy that's OK with gay guys but don't throw it in my face" sort of way. Though funny, it's not the sort of ad that's going to go over well with actual gay men.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10    
Topic: Cause, Celebrity, Commercials, Opinion, Super Bowl 2010

Fire-Breathing, Money Dumping Goat Sells Lottery Tickets


How'd we miss this one? A fire breathing goat that shits money? Must still be hung over from Vegas. Oh well. This "new" commercial from BBDO Atlanta for the Georgia State Lottery has fun with animals. Goats, specifically. Goats that breathe fire and leave steaming piles og cash on the floor.

Crazy? Weird? Strange? Wrong? According to AdFreak, no. They write, "The Georgia Lottery is the only lottery in the U.S. to enjoy 11 consecutive years of increased profits, so BBDO must know what us Georgians like." Indeed.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10    
Topic: Commercials, Strange

Boost Teases, Women Pass SB Ads, Census Latino'd


- Obama's State of the Union address was promoted with ads on Google.

- Here's Boost Mobile's four :15 teasers which begin airing on ESPN, TBS, Comedy Central, MTV and others. Full ads will debut during the Super Bowl.

- Here's a Spanish version of the U.S. Census Bureau commercial. It's from advertising agency GlobalHue Latino and production company Shilo.

- AutoMD is a new social network focused on all things auto repair. Give a read and...learn how to get that dent out of your door?

more »

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10    
Topic: Commercials

Ad Blogs Beware. There's a New Blog in Town


Work in advertising? Want to blog about it? Then The Denver Egoist's new program is for you. They've launched a city-based blogging platform similar to that other "ist" blogging network. The organization is looking for creative types to report on local creativity and advertising-relating news around the world.

We have no idea how anyone's going to make money or if that's even a concern but it sure sounds like fun. Or is it? Perhaps not for us. Now we'll have to read all these new ad blogs to make sure we're not missing anything. That sounds like work. We don't like work. That's why we blog instead.

Interested? Check out the opportunity here.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10    
Topic: Weblogs

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