SocialSpark Launches Affiliate, Premium Blogger Programs


In years past, we, along with others, have thrashed PayPerPost (now more commonly known as SocialSpark though the PayPerPost name still exists) for its initial, somewhat shady offering which paid bloggers to write about a particular company without disclosure. Following an immediate backlash, the company moved more and more towards open transparency and, today, is out with two new offerings.

First is a new blogger affiliate program which, as PayPerPost did, pays bloggers to write about a particular product. However, payment is now based on cost per action results as opposed to a set per post price. In addition, disclosure,which is said to be auditable, must be within the actual blog post itself along with a disclosure badge.

Tracking for the program as described thusly, "Bloggers are provided with a unique tracking code for each display ad and text link an advertiser creates. When a visitor clicks on one of these ad units and generates an action on the advertisers site the resulting transaction is tracked using a combination of javascript and cookies. Advertisers are required to include a small piece of code on the landing and conversion pages of their site. Cookies triggered by a click on an ad unit and remain in place for 30 days ('Cookie Duration')."

Second, SocialSpark has launched a premium blogger program with high profile bloggers including Chris Brogan, Jeremy Shoemaker and Neil Patel among others which aims to provide advertisers a bit more than the average Joe (Joe the Plumber?) style blog. Higher traffic. higher authority and higher profile. Like the affiliate program , in-your-face disclosure will be part of the deal.

One could argue SocialSpark is exactly the same thing as PayPerPost with new wrapping paper and a bit more disclosure. One could also argue, SocialSpark is simply embracing a new way of advertising in a very very different world of media. Some may view this as further deterioration of the wall between advertising and editorial. Others may welcome it and recognize it as a natural companion to blogging's very different approach to journalism

by Steve Hall    Oct-17-08   Click to Comment   
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