Advertising Community Site AdGabber Hits 6,000 Members


Today, the 6,000th member joined AdGabber, a Ning-powered community site for the advertising industry. Created and managed by Adrants, the site offers all the usual social networking goodies such as photos, videos, forums, groups, events, jobs, blogs, profile pages, news feeds, commercial and all kinds of other networking goodness.

If you're in the ad business, you should be hanging out at AdGabber so you can find out what everyone else in the industry is doing and then copy it...uh...get inspired and motivated to create your own masterpiece.

Start a blog. Begin a discussion in the forum. Post and event. Upload videos and photos of your last agency party where everyone got drunk danced on a stripper pole (I'm not making that one up). Find a job. Post a job. And, most importantly, check out all the beautiful people in this industry. Send a message to them. You might get lucky...uh...connect with them in a way that betters both your careers.

Seriously. Check it out. And then invite 100 of your closest friends in the business.

by Steve Hall    Oct-21-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Announcements, Social   

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