Pay-As-You-Go Service Compared to Grocery Store Grabber Game


European mobile carrier Orange has this pay-as-you-go program that lets users define their own reward system. To promote it, Fallon/London tapped Reuben Sutherland of Joyrider, who came up with "Grabber."

In the spot above, transparent orange balloons, shaped like random animals, float enchantedly up toward the skylight of a factory building. (This setting was labeled "timeless," which I guess is true, given that we never quite run out of deserted warehouses.)

As the narrator pitches viewers on the pay-as-you-go system ("I am all the choices I make in life..."), a giant mechanical claw eases into the frame and gently swoops downward to complete that most impossible of mundane feats: wrapping its little talons around a defiant little dolphin. This illustrates how you can hand-pick your rewards.

Pretty. Certainly finer than the frenetic, slapstick and somewhat scattered mobile fare we see here. Ads for the T-Mobile unlimited family plan, and this AT&T campaign, come to mind.

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