Garfield Gets Dizzy, Catalyst Emerges, NASA Re-Emerges


- True to form, Bob Garfield reviews a fairly good Sprint commercial and then rips the shit out of it for what he deems dizzying camera work. Bob, you almost Puked? Seriously. You need to see a doctor or use your walker when reviewing commercials.

- Catalyst, the "marketing capital" firm launched by John Durham and Cory Treffiletti is rolling out a new Emerging Media Buying Service (EMS) that will provide planning and buying expertise for online video, mobile, social media, widgets, and gaming.

- Writing on AdFreak, David Griner, whose mom worked at NASA for years and was acting director of the Marshal Space Flight Center for a time, tells us about four NASA workers who are trying to "re-ignite the enthusiasm for space by reaching out directly to today's hyper-connected youth."

- AdFreak (yes, we do read rss feeds in order) is reporting, "Smashing Pumpkins are suing Virgin Records for using the band's name and music in a 'Pepsi Stuff' promotion with"

- Mitsubushi has thrown its $190 million creative account into review. Its current agency, BBDO West, won't defend.

by Steve Hall    Mar-25-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Social   

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Posted by: Angela on March 25, 2008 1:58 PM

I guess we can safely assume Bob doesn't play videogames, ride trains, or generally move much.

What bothers me more is the increasing use of flashing lights and graphics on TV. Every cut and transition is a 10 megaton nuke going off. Fucking kids and their crazy flashing.

Posted by: Pat Smith on March 25, 2008 2:53 PM


You’re coming dangerously close to showing ageism in your criticism of Garfield. Can’t you simply keep your barbs focused on the man’s irrelevance and general cluelessness? But be careful not to imply he’s retarded again, as that shows insensitivity to people with disabilities. Mostly because the typical mentally disabled person is still significantly brighter than Bob.

Incidentally, that Sprint spot is a piece of shit. You know a company is in trouble when they introduce the CEO as a spokesman—especially someone as thoroughly dull as Hesse. And you know an account is in trouble when one of the premier creative shops in the industry agrees to produce such an outdated concept. The camerawork was probably so shaky because Jeff Goodby was puking over being forced to produce the garbage.

Posted by: Special Olympian on March 25, 2008 10:58 PM