Craigslist Ads Booked, WOM Hits $1B, Ad Age IDEA Reviewed


- All those fake ads on Craigslist have now made their way into book form with the publication of Johnna Gattinella's book, My Year on Craigslist.

- Advertising for Peanuts lays down the law when it comes to consumer-generated content: not everyone wants to interact with your product.

- Marketers now spend one billion on what, previously was free: ord of mouth marketing.

- A Heroes fanboy created some mock Vespa ads using images of the Claire Bennet and Ando Masahashi characters.

- OfficeMax has joined a growing list of marketers who have boycotted the Michael Savage nationally syndicated radio show because of his anti-Muslin views.

- The annoyingly alluring "Kid Nation" along with "Criminal Minds" and "CSI:NY" have awarded Wednesdays to CBS during November sweeps.

- If you want some truthful, unabashed insight into the Ad Age IDEA conference, George Parker shares his delightfully witty and wry take on the event. Hey, Jonah, why wasn't I invited? George and I that's what you really want!

- Who even knew they had a Dallas office? No matter, is closing their outpost there just like practically very other agency that used to be there.

- The Ketel One vodka campaign has now emblazoned the sides of trucks.

by Steve Hall    Nov-16-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events, Publishing, Word of Mouth   

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