Agencies Seek Midgets, Exotic Minorities, Handicapped


Here's a series of hilarious, fake recruitment ads from Saatchi, McCann, Berlin Cameron United and TBWA\Chiat\Day. Modeled after actual recruitment ads, these ads quickly show their true colors. McCann wants blind people. Saatchi wants Black and Latinos. TBWA\Chiat\Day wants midgets. And Berlin Cameron United wants women..especially exotic minorities.

See? Even diversity in advertising efforts can be funny.

by Steve Hall    Oct-25-07   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Spoofs, Trends and Culture   

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You know, I've worked at one of those agencies who has a little person on their staff, and he's very good.

But why is that an issue? From what I've seen, most agencies just want top Talent and don't care about anything physical. It just so happens that the pool to draw from is not very diverse to begin with - that is the real issue.

How sensitive a fake recruitment ad. Probably made by someone who complains a lot about a lack of diversity, yet they probably just suck.

Posted by: Jayce on October 25, 2007 12:52 PM

Sorry, Jayce, the MultiCultClassics staffers are all gainfully and successfully employed at various levels in the industry. Our true goals are multifold, including:

1. To continue to keep the issues of diversity top of mind.

2. To introduce new ideas and perspectives.

3. To expose people to stuff outside of their personal cultural comfort zones.

4. To break down the societal barriers prohibiting progress—and identify commonalities and collaboration.

5. And occasionally, to entertain.

You claim, “the pool to draw from is not very diverse to begin with—that is the real issue.” So who’s defining the pool? Steve Hall is among the people seeking to redefine the pool through seminars, job fairs and other efforts. The true pool has always been diverse, in our opinion. It’s just that too many people have only been swimming in a small and familiar section.

Thanks for adding to the continuing dialogue. All the best.

Posted by: HighJive on October 25, 2007 2:25 PM

I applaud all the goals HighJive mentions and I hate to break it to you, Jayce, but people don't always see Top Talent without noticing physical and communication-style differences. If there is a restricted talent pool, minorities were probably discouraged or prevented from getting to that level in the first place. Let's change that.

However... what's the actual purpose of these "fake" ads and why are they funny? "If you're blind you probably won't see this" doesn't exactly scream "go work at this diverse organization."

Posted by: Sarina on October 26, 2007 2:21 PM

so berlin cameron only hires hot girls. what's the problem with that?

Posted by: eric on October 27, 2007 2:24 PM